The fees for our Brokerage Services are as follows. Fees are paid by the principal being represented.

Private Sale Facilitation fee: 5% of the value of the deal for the vehicle being transacted.

Online Auction Facilitation fee: In scenarios involving auction listing & management only, a sub-5% fee arrangement may be negotiated.

Consultation fee: In scenarios involving consultation only, such as an auction purchase, a sub-5% fee arrangement may be negotiated.

For Buyers, fees are due simultaneously to deal funding. For Sellers, fees are due within 3 business days of deal funding.

Fees are payable via wire transfer unless otherwise specified, and are non-refundable upon receipt by Sterling Sackey Cars.

Please note, this service is not and does not constitute traditional auto dealer “consignment.” Sterling Sackey Cars does not operate as a traditional auto dealer when Brokerage services are requested, and accordingly is not responsible for the reporting of sales, transfers of titles, registration and any resulting fees/taxes. The aforementioned are the sole responsibility of the selling and/or buying party. Sterling Sackey Cars does not assume any liability in these transactions for same in its role restricted to a consultancy.

“Deal Funding” is defined as the moment at which funds leave the originator’s hands, i.e. when a wire transfer or certified check is sent by the Buyer to a receiver for the purposes of funding the deal Sterling Sackey Cars has been consulted upon. “Principal Being Represented”  refers to either Buyer or Seller, determined by the party who agrees to pay the fee upon Deal Funding.

Pre-purchase inspections conducted in relation to the purchase of a car offered via Sterling Sackey Cars are at Buyer’s expense unless otherwise arranged.