Brokerage Services

Please see our Rates page for our fees as it pertains to the below services.

We offer the following Brokerage Services to assist buyers in making a car purchase:

  • Locating a car that meets your parameters. We prefer to focus on off-market examples not available to the general public, but can always assist in a purchase from a known entity as well.
  • Research to establish vehicle condition, history & provenance.
  • Market-based appraisal to establish current value.
  • Facilitation of inspection to establish current condition.
  • Facilitation of the negotiation process.
  • Restoration & refurbishment recommendations where necessary.

We offer the following Brokerage Services to assist sellers in the sale of their car:

  • Compiling photographs, records, and the car’s overall history.
  • Creating an in-depth writeup to appeal to potential buyers.
  • Arranging professional photography of the car, where necessary.
  • Conveying the availability of the car via private channels to our network of clients, or public channels if so desired.
  • Negotiating with potential buyers to meet your desired selling price.

We can also assist with standalone purchase valuations & appraisals.

Please note, this service is not and does not constitute traditional auto dealer “consignment.” Sterling Sackey Cars does not operate as a traditional auto dealer when Brokerage services are requested, and accordingly is not responsible for the reporting of sales, transfers of titles, registration and any resulting fees/taxes. The aforementioned are the sole responsibility of the selling and/or buying party. Sterling Sackey Cars does not assume any liability in these transactions for same in its role restricted to a consultancy.