Cars We Specialize In

Our Porsche specialties as a consultant and brokerage include the following cars:

Porsche Carrera GT

Perhaps the model we focus on most intently, Porsche’s greatest analogue supercar. A V10 engine, a 6-speed manual transmission, and zero to get in the way of the driver’s connection with the car. We have sold many of these cars, and maintain a private registry of the countless examples we have encountered.

Porsche 911 (997 RS)

The best of the water-cooled era. Limited production numbers, a manual transmission, and the end of the line for the legendary Mezger engine. We have sold many of these cars, including the limited GT3 RS 4.0 and GT2 RS variants.

Porsche 911 (993): Carrera RS 3.8, Turbo, and more

The 993 was the final air-cooled 911, a classic formula wrapped in iconic and fresh styling. From the massively capable 993 Turbo, to our favorites, the track variants such as the Carrera RS 3.8 and GT2, this was the swan song for classic 911 motoring. We have sold multiple special 993s and strive to deal in only the very best examples.

Porsche 911 (964): Carrera RS, Turbo 3.6, and more

The 964 spanned a number of extremely special versions, from the Turbo 3.6, to the Flachbaus, to the Speedster, to our personal favorites, the unforgettable hardcore track cars such as the Carrera RS, Carrera RS 3.8, and Turbo S 3.3 Leichtbau. We love these cars and strive to deal in only the very best examples.