2008 Honda S2000 CR “ex-Honda” (2212)

- Sold, Japanese

1,250 miles from new, all-original, ex-Honda corporate owned.


We are proud to present this extremely special example of the Honda S2000 CR, with only 1,250 miles from new, and, incredibly, owned by Honda themselves for over 10 years!

This example, JHMAP21298S002212, was a true “CVA” (Company Vehicle Administration) car earmarked for corporate ownership by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. from new (note lack of MSRP on window sticker), and stationed at Honda’s Florida training center. This designation is different from a typical “demo” or even employee vehicle, and instead indicates a car destined for true company use at the highest levels.

This CR is the 652nd built, finished in beautiful Rio Yellow Pearl. It is 1 of 140 CRs finished in Rio Yellow Pearl, making this color rarer than Berlina Black (269 cars) or Apex Blue Pearl (200 cars). Only 699 units of the S2000 “Club Racer” were produced, and few remain today in this striking condition. See our “About the CR” writeup below to learn more about this special S2000 variant.

This car is fitted with the A/C & Radio option, making it usable in all climates.

This S2000 CR was delivered in May 2008 to Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL, where it underwent its pre-delivery inspection prior to immediate delivery into corporate use. From then until late 2018, it remained primarily at Honda’s Florida training center, driven sparingly and serviced as-needed by factory-trained technicians at the center. In 2019, we purchased it from a senior Honda employee who had taken ownership of the car.

As would be expected for a CR of this caliber, this example retains 100% original paint (verified by paint metering), 100% original and unmodified condition, 100% clean Carfax, all 10 VIN tags present and matching, and a clean, free & clear title.

The car has been cared for to an exceptional degree, and drives as any ultra low-mileage example should. All accessories work inside & out. I have sourced, owned, driven, and sold countless S2000 CRs and can confidently say this is a once-in-a-lifetime example.

Maintenance Information:

An engine-oil service and overall checkup was performed in 2018 prior to the car leaving Honda’s care.

The tires are the original Bridgestone RE070 tires and still show their factory sidewall stampings.

This CR drives as a new example would, with zero issues or mechanical concerns.

Cosmetic Notes:

All original paint, verified by professional paint meter.

All 10 VIN tags in place & matching.

The undercarriage is extremely clean and free of any surface rust or corrosion.

Included Accessories:

  • Original window sticker showing corporate vehicle labeling.
  • Registration & insurance cards showing ownership by Honda.
  • All original keys, including fobs.
  • Original books and manuals.
  • Original warning stickers & radio card.
  • Original tonneau cover side pieces.

About the CR:

The S2000 CR or “Club Racer” is the most hardcore S2000 version offered worldwide, and was only sold in the S2000’s most successful market, the USA. The model was considered to be a retirement gift from Shigeru Uehara, the legendary chief engineer behind the original NSX, the S2000, and various hardcore Honda Type R variants. It is completely revised from a standard S2000, significantly stiffer, and intended for serious club racing track use while still retaining street legal status.

Changes from a standard S2000 include:

  • 57-lbs weight savings versus a standard S2000 (when equipped with A/C & Radio).
  • Sound deadening completely removed throughout.
  • Springs, dampers, and sway bars stiffened to a high level, intended for serious track use.
  • Aggressive front lip & rear spoiler, wind-tunnel tested to reduce lift by 70%-80% at speed.
  • Removal of soft top for weight reduction, replaced by an OEM hardtop (painted in Berlina Black), an aerodynamically-optimized body color tonneau cover, and a rear brace which increases chassis vertical rigidity by a full 94%.
  • Quicker steering ratio than standard, intended for immediate turn-in at the track, along with steering rack stiffeners that contribute to greater steering feel & less rack deflection.
  • Less restrictive exhaust mufflers, resulting in a deeper sound.
  • Spare tire deleted & replaced with a tire inflation kit for weight reduction.
  • Bridgestone RE070 tires with wider rear sizing (the same tires as used on the NA2 NSX-R).
  • Unique interior with suede-like surfaces, a grippy seat center material in a unique Black / Yellow pattern (similar to the Recaro “Tomcat” pattern), lightweight CR-specific shift knob, carbon fiber pattern center console, yellow stitching, and a “peak power indicator” in the dash readout.
  • Grey-painted wheels, clear side markers, & matte black badges.