A collection of our thoughts on the marketplace, the cars we sell, and overall car enthusiast culture.

Thoughts on the NSX Zanardi

I’ve always been a huge fan of the golden-era of Japanese sports cars, which for me spans the very late 1980s (when the then-recent Japanese bubble economy resulted in a staggering number of interesting performance cars being developed & released) and the early-mid 2000s. One of the greatest cars to come from this era was […]

Buyer’s Market: 997 RS Cars

The collector car market, perhaps more than almost any other, is driven by emotion. Trends come and go, and while top level investment cars will always have their place, other areas of the market tend to fluctuate based on the latest hot commodity rather than what is truly special, unique, and collectible. In the past […]

The Most Famous Clutch in the World

Ask the average car enthusiast about the Porsche Carrera GT, and chances are the word “clutch” won’t be far off. For years, the third pedal on this car has been a hot topic of discussion, amongst both those who have and haven’t driven one. But, few have actually studied Porsche’s thought process behind the CGT’s […]

An Outing with Carrera GT #0580

While we didn’t attend Monterey Car Week this year, we’ve still managed to have some fun! Saturday was a nice opportunity to meet up with the owner of 2005 Carrera GT #0580, which we recently sourced for him, along the lovely Laguna Beach, CA shoreline. Some of these shots are taken from the passenger seat […]

Carrera GT #0132 Monterey Auction Analysis

The 2018 Monterey Car Week auctions are coming to a close tonight, and while the biggest offerings have yet to go over the block, one of my favorite cars (and perhaps the car I focus most closely on) has already seen some fantastic results this weekend. At RM on Friday, a 2004 Carrera GT finished […]

The original Acura NSX: Development history and driving the icon

This article is authored by Sterling Sackey and was originally published on Autoblog in September 2016. The original NSX, introduced in production form in 1990 by Honda and to the United States market under the Acura brand in 1991, is now officially 25 plus years old. Generations of car enthusiasts grew to love the original NSX over the 15 years […]