Cars We Specialize In

Our Japanese specialties as a consultant and brokerage include the following cars:

Acura NSX (’91-’05) / NSX Alex Zanardi Edition

Our favorite Japanese sports car, developed in part by Ayrton Senna himself. We have owned and sold countless NSXs, including multiple 1/50 NSX Alex Zanardi Editions.

Lexus LFA

With a 9,000 RPM V10 engine, this is Japan’s most extreme supercar. Only 500 units exist. We have studied and focused on this car from the time of its release.

Honda S2000 / S2000 Club Racer

The 9,000 RPM scalpel. The S2000 was a distillation of all that is great about Honda performance cars, translated into a lightweight, RWD, roadster package. We have owned and sold tens of these cars, including many of the rare Club Racer variant.

Acura Integra Type R

The peak of 1990s Honda brilliance. A stripped-out and stiffened chassis, a high-revving engine honed by hand, track-tuned handling, the list goes on. We have owned and sold many of these cars.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII & IX

The best Lancer Evolutions to come to our shores. Rally-inspired, yet tuned for the road, the Lancer Evolution was the sharp handling, track-biased choice in the battle of the rally heroes. We have owned and sold many of these cars.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GD) / STI Type RA (VA) / STI S209 (VA)

A unique and characterful turbocharged boxer engine, combined with a chassis setup that begs for a rally stage. We have owned and sold many of these cars.