Brokerage for Sellers

We offer our Brokerage service to assist sellers with private sale of their collector car.

Service includes:

  1. Compiling records, details, and the car’s overall ownership history to create an in-depth writeup to appeal to potential buyers.
  2. Arranging professional photography of the car (where necessary).
  3. Soliciting the car for sale via private channels (our popular newsletter, for instance, as well as directly with existing clients).
  4. Negotiating with potential buyers to meet your desired selling price.
    • Note: In addition to traditional negotiation, we typically employ auction results, recent private sales, and overall market knowledge to educate buyers on the value of your car. Buyers know that we represent only the highest-quality cars, raising perceived value.
Our Brokerage rate is generally 5% of the value of the deal, due upon sale of the car.

This service is not and does not constitute traditional auto dealer “consignment.” Sterling Sackey does not operate as a traditional auto dealer when Brokerage services are requested, and accordingly is not responsible for the reporting of sales, transfers of titles, registration and any resulting fees/taxes. The aforementioned are the sole responsibility of the selling and/or buying party. Sterling Sackey does not assume any liability in these transactions for same in its role restricted to a consultancy.